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I forgot the password/hotkey (or my password does not work), how can I retrieve it?


Firstly please note we have changed the default hotkey from "Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F7" to "Ctrl-Alt-F7" since v3.87.

If you are registered user please have your Registration Code on hand and click here to download the "FindPass" tool which can help you find out both password and hotkey very easily. If you do not know your Registration Code you can lookup it here.

If you are using the Trial version, please follow the instruction below to retrieve your password/hotkey:

1. Double click on the "My Computer" icon on your Windows desktop.

2. Double click on the C: drive.

3. Navigate to the Windows folder (normally it's c:\windows).

4. Lookup the file "ssmon.pas" under this folder (or you can directly search it with Windows Search tool).

5. Open ssmon.pas with Windows Notepad or any other text edit program such as Office Word, etc.

6. You will see something like this:


7. Send the EXACT content (it is case sensitive) to our support department, then we can figure out your password/hotkey and let you know ASAP.

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