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I can not download/install 007 Spy, what's wrong?


It seems your anti-virus program prevents 007 from downloading/running correctly.

First of all, we can assure you that our software is NOT a virus, nor have we put a virus into our products. You are receiving this error because the virus scanner does not like keyloggers. If your virus scanner detects keyloggers, it will begin to warn you that the program is a virus.

To resolve the problem, simply "instruct" your anti-virus program to "Allow the program to run." Once you allow it to run on your system, it won't give you problems ever again.

Or you can circumvent this currently by adding 007 folder to the anti-virus program's exclusion lists. Just launch your Antivirus program, click the "Options" button, then select the "Exclusions" and exclude the files/folders you installed 007 Spy, by default they are:


C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\DAO (or any other folder you installed 007)

Also you can download the new version of 007 and try again.

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