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Websites URL Log Sample

007 Spy Software can secretly log all Internet chats, all web sites visited, all windows opened, every application executed, and even every keystroke, including Username and Password. This is a sample log file exported by its built-in Internet Spy engine. This built-in Internet Spy engine can record User Name, Time Stamp, the Web Site name and the URL of each site. You can just click the URL to launch Internet Explorer window to view this web site immediately while you are online (but in this sample file we have manually disabled this feature).

 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-14 22:13:10
 Site Name  Spy Software on Spy Arsenal .com - - Home keylogger, Family Key Logger, Internet Spy Software, phone recording and microphone spy tools. Spy Software arsenal. Download Spy Software now!
 URL Address 

Wil's Domain: Search the Web with ease!

 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-14 22:14:20
 Site Name  Google Search: internet spy download
 URL Address  http://www.google.com/search?q=internet+spy&hl=en&lr=lang_zh-CN|l...dow=1&start=20&sa=N
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-14 22:13:33
 Site Name  GlobalPatrol - Computer Monitoring and ICQ MSN logger Software
 URL Address  http://www.globalpatrol.net/
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-14 22:13:43
 Site Name  Google Search: internet spy
 URL Address  http://www.google.com/search?q=internet+spy&hl=en&lr=lang_zh-CN|lang......
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-14 22:12:35
 Site Name  Google
 URL Address  http://www.google.com/
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-14 22:19:48
 Site Name  Internet Spy and Monitoring Software for PArental Control and Business Administration
 URL Address  Spy Software
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-14 22:12:42
 Site Name  Google Search: free internet spy
 URL Address  http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&q=free+internet+spy
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-14 22:13:01
 Site Name  Spy Patrol? - Internet Spy Software
 URL Address  http://www.spy-patrol.com/
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-14 22:13:11
 Site Name  Spy Software Solutions - Internet Spy Software
 URL Address  http://www.spy-software-solutions.com/
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-14 22:13:28
 Site Name  Computer Spy - Internet Monitoring Software
 URL Address  http://www.computer-spy.com/
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-14 22:13:56
 Site Name  SpySoftware.com - The Leaders in Internet Spy Software
 URL Address  http://www.spysoftware.com/
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-14 22:13:58
 Site Name  http://downloads-zdnet.com.com/3302-2144-10114095.html
 URL Address  http://downloads-zdnet.com.com/3302-2144-10114095.html
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-14 22:14:07
 Site Name  Spy Gear - Internet Spy Software
 URL Address  http://www.spy-gear.com/
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-14 22:14:31
 Site Name  Download Internet Spy at Zdnet
 URL Address  http://downloads-zdnet.com.com/3302-2144-10114095.html
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-14 22:19:23
 Site Name  Internet Spy Software Solution
 URL Address  http://www.spy-software-computer-monitoring.com/
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-14 22:19:24
 Site Name  XSpies - Internet Spy Software
 URL Address  http://www.xspies.com/
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-14 22:19:39
 Site Name  Internet Spy - iSpyNOW Remote install Spy Software
 URL Address  http://www.spysoftware.com/i-spy.htm
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-14 22:19:46
 Site Name  World's best Internet Spy Software
 URL Address  http://www.worldspy.com/
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-14 22:20:01
 Site Name  SpyNetwork Internet Spy Product Download
 URL Address  http://templatemonster.com/?source=SpyNetwork
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-14 22:20:17
 Site Name  SpyBuddy Spy Software - The BEST Spy Software Available!
 URL Address  http://www.internet-monitoring-software.com/spy-buddy/
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-14 22:20:19
 Site Name  Support
 URL Address  http://www.spy-software-solutions.com/support/support.htm
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-14 22:20:38
 Site Name  ComputerGOD - Original Programs- Internet Spy Patrol
 URL Address  http://www.originalprograms.com/cgod/
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-14 22:20:49
 Site Name  Online Recorder: Internet Spy Software
 URL Address  http://www.spysoftware.net/onlinerecorder/
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-14 22:21:14
 Site Name  Modem Internet Spy Software - Telephone Conversation Recording
 URL Address  http://www.computer-spy.com/telephone-recording.htm
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-14 22:21:22
 Site Name  NetObserve Spy Software - Remotely Internet Monitor Computers Secretly
 URL Address  http://www.spy-gear.com/remote-spy-software.htm
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-14 22:21:36
 Site Name  GlobalPatrol - Product Downloads-Internet Spy Software
 URL Address  http://www.globalpatrol.net/download.html
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-14 22:21:44
 Site Name  Software Lock - SpyLock 3.0 - The BEST Software Software Available!
 URL Address  http://www.internet-monitoring-software.com/lock-pro/
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-14 22:22:11
 Site Name  Internet Spy Software Products
 URL Address  http://www.spy-software-computer-monitoring.com/products.htm
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-14 22:22:14
 Site Name  XSpies - Spy Software Purchase
 URL Address  http://www.xspies.com/purchase.htm
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-14 22:22:18
 Site Name  The Bestselling Spy Software in the World
 URL Address  http://www.spy-internet-software.com/
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-14 22:22:22
 Site Name  Internet Spy - iSpyNOW Remote install Spy Software
 URL Address  http://www.spysoftware.com/i-spy.htm
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-14 22:22:34
 Site Name  E-Mail and Internet Spy Software - Record Email SECRETLY!
 URL Address  http://www.spysoftware.com/e-mail-spy.htm
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-14 22:22:41
 Site Name  pNursing Jobs - Nurse Career Services
 URL Address  http://www.health-nursing-jobs.com/
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-14 22:22:50
 Site Name  Internet Spy Software for Parental and Business Control - www.rcspy.com
 URL Address  http://www.rcspy.com/onlinerec.htm
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-13 14:49:14
 Site Name  Google Search: Internet chatroom
 URL Address  http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=lang_zh-CN%7Clang_zh-TW......
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-13 14:49:31
 Site Name  Available eBay Stores-Spy Software
 URL Address  http://www.stores.ebay.com/?ssPageName=HSL01
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-13 14:50:22
 Site Name  Google Search: chat room
 URL Address  http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=lang_zh-CN|lang_zh-TW|lang_en&ie=UTF-8&oe......
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-13 14:50:34
 Site Name  Yahoo! Chat
 URL Address  http://chat.yahoo.com/
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-13 14:50:54
 Site Name  Yahoo! Chat: Complete Roomlist
 URL Address  http://chat.yahoo.com/c/roomlist.html?.rmcat=1600008562
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-13 14:56:37
 Site Name  Web TV List - World's largest collection of Live internet TV stations and video feeds.
 URL Address  http://www.webtvlist.com/pages/station.asp?stationID=205
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-13 14:56:46
 Site Name  Download.com
 URL Address  http://download.com.com/2001-20-0.html?legacy=cnet
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-13 14:56:48
 Site Name  ChatSpace Login
 URL Address  http://tbichat.org/chat/tbichat.htm
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-13 14:56:49
 Site Name  Web Tv List is proud to present - America One Television Internet TV!
 URL Address  http://www.webtvlist.com/pages/finance.asp?url=http://www.ame
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-13 14:56:58
 Site Name  Tech Events, Internet & Technology Conferences,Computer Expos, Forums, Seminars.
 URL Address  http://www.tradeshowplaza.com/
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-13 14:57:20
 Site Name  Google Search: webtv
 URL Address  http://www.google.com/search?hl=...ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&newwindow=1&q=webtv&spell=1
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-13 14:57:40
 Site Name  Tools: The MSN TV Viewer by Internet Spy Patroal
 URL Address  http://developer.webtv.net/TOOLS/msntvvwr.asp
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-13 14:58:16
 Site Name  eBay Review and Confirm Purchase (Ends May-07-03 14:37:42 PDT ) 3603021282
 URL Address  http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-13 14:58:48
 Site Name  Download.com-Internet Spy Patroal
 URL Address  http://download.com.com/3001-2092-10196007.html
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-13 15:45:39
 Site Name  007 Spy Software Log Report
 URL Address  file:///D:/Develop/My%20work/WebSite//pc_spy_screen_recorder_log.htm
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-13 16:06:23
 Site Name  Google Search: i spy
 URL Address  http://www.google.com/search?q=i%20spy&meta=lr%3D%26hl%3Den&btnG=Google+Search
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-13 16:06:34
 Site Name  http://www.scholastic.com/ispy/
 URL Address  http://www.scholastic.com/ispy/
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-13 16:06:52
 Site Name  Google Search: spy ware
 URL Address  http://www.google.com/search?q=spy%20ware&meta=lr%3D%26hl%3Den&btnG=Google+Search
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-13 16:06:55
 Site Name  I SPY
 URL Address  http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/ispy/
 User@Time  Jason@2003-4-13 16:08:02
 Site Name  What is spyware? :: Spyware Check - who is paying the price for your free software?.
 URL Address  http://www.spychecker.com/spyware.html

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